What the f*ck is NTRR?

rural queer led abolition minded integrated harm reductionists. Holistic community care. 
No requirements. 
No judgment. 


"you gotta go there to know there."

We like to call ourselves integrated harm reductionists, and what that means to us is that we take a holistic approach to community care. Our service area stretches over like 9400 square miles.

we recognize that the four main sources of harm that affect our people are: income inequity, racial disparity, lack of access and over policing. 

These harmful systems manifest into traumas like: food insecurity, substance misuse, lack of health services and the school to prison pipeline system. We believe that by organizing free groceries, necessities, safe use supplies, books, and public education trainings that we will ultimately de-stigmatize and unlearn the shame that is accompanied with insufficiency and deprivation. Everyone deserves food, everyone deserves nice shit. Point blank. Period. So join us at one of our pop-ups, standing distros, sub to our patreon, or send us a holler if you want to partner up! We really are stronger together, y’all! 


How to get involved

Fill out our vetting form.

Reach out to us on social media. @NTRR4yall everywhere.

Text (903)468-2402.

Vetting Form


Here's where you can request aid =)

If you or someone you know in DFW would like free access to groceries and/or harm reduction supplies holler at us:

(903)468-2402, @NTRR4yall on social medias, or fill out the form here.

Mutual aid request